Alcohol Rehab Agoura

Many people facing addictions have a hard time staying off the drug after the first rehabilitation. These candidates can get in and out of rehab multiple times before they have a grip on their cravings. These tendencies are proof that addiction is an overpowering illness that requires smarter and more robust solutions from drug and alcohol rehab in Agoura CA.

Our alcohol rehab in Agoura addresses the root of the addiction before sending the patient to counseling sessions. We manipulate biology and chemistry to revert your mind to health and counteract the twisting effects of alco.

The best alcohol treatment options


One innovative and unique treatment approach is Neurotherapy, synonymously known as neurofeedback. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses states that healthcare professionals categorize addiction as a severe mental problem. The debilitating effect of alcohol impacts every area of one's life and requires the intervention of extreme treatments like neurofeedback.

Neurotherapy retrains the brain from a highly stressful emotional or mental state. It works alongside regular medicine to rewire the brain and induce a different reaction to alcohol cravings.

Hemi-sync signals

Scientific studies note a significant difference in the brain pattern of patients who undergo the treatment and explain it to be a psychoeducational therapy. These signals work together to create a wave that creates a specific state of consciousness.

The final effect is deep relaxation with a coherent thought process. Hemi-sync synchronizes the brain waves of all hemispheres and alleviates the mental illnesses taking root in parts of the organ. The treatment has proven its effectiveness in treating military personnel for depression and alcohol-dependent inclinations.

Neurological treatments use sensors hooked on the patients' brains to induce the right functioning of brain waves. A lack of balance during the procedure is evidence of the dysregulation process. Neurofeedback serves as a diagnostic tool, but it is not the end of successful rehabilitation. The illuminating first step can receive insurmountable support from complementary methods that are all available from Awakenings Treatment Center.

Change in diet

Healthy eating habits are an underrated and yet so effective means of battling addiction. They keep the blood sugar in check and maintain proper gut health. These foods keep a low glycemic index and minimize cravings of dense processed foods and sugar. The alcohol and drug rehab center in Agoura Hills makes it a point to offer nutritional therapy by including all dietary requirements that maintain a steady mental and emotional state.

Art therapy

Art therapy is powerful in promoting the release of dopamine. This Agoura detox program is popular in addiction treatment centers that care about the longevity of medical treatments.

Dopamine from the brain has specific amino acids that are present in favored foods like chicken, fish, legumes, turkey, and red meat. The approach teaches the brain to appreciate the sober state and therefore grow a liking towards inducing dopamine production through healthy means.

Standard therapy

It is futile to include perfect medical treatment options without educating the patient on the process of choosing healthy living habits. We have a weekly individual therapy session, family therapy, and interpersonal group therapy settings to help one align with the new elevated conscience. Click here to enquire and enroll for admission into the Agoura Hills drug rehab and alcohol center.

Alcohol Rehab Agoura