Residential Treatment Centers Los Angeles

Article provided by: Carus Recovery
Residential Treatment Centers Los Angeles

Carus Recovery is one of the licensed and accredited residential treatment centers in Los Angeles with several positive reviews and the lowest relapse rates in the field. Our dedicated clinicians and mental health experts engage our clients in 1-on-1 and group therapy sessions and guide them towards sobriety.

What can lead to relapse?

Relapse is a common occurrence in individuals after addiction treatment. Close to 50% of all recovering addicts pick up drugs or alcohol soon after treatment. Some of the causes of relapse include:

  1. A lack of commitment to sobriety. You need to work hard and stay focused on recovery to remain clean in the long term.
  2. After completing inpatient addiction treatment in LA, most individuals take recovery for granted. You must attend 12-step meetings regularly and sign up for continuing care programs at one of the top rehab centers in Los Angeles, California, for long-lasting success with sobriety.
  3. Make sure to have a solid support network around you at all times, as it can make a defining difference in your life after rehab treatment. You can have your family members keep you accountable to help you stay committed to sobriety.

Remember that the decision to stay sober has to come within you. You are at a higher risk of relapse when you try sobriety for loved ones or family members rather than for yourself. Rated as one of the best rehab centers in LA, CA, we offer excellent aftercare programs to help our former clients stay focused on sobriety in the long term.

What do I do if I relapsed?

If you've experienced a relapse incident, you need to determine if you should return to rehab. If it was a one-time occurrence and you are committed to adjust your recovery care plan, you do not have to undergo addiction treatment all over again.

However, if you fall back into a continued pattern of alcohol consumption or drug use, seeking inpatient treatment soon may be your only option. If you spend a considerable amount of time thinking about substances or hanging out with individuals who pressure you to drink or do drugs, take action sooner than later.

How do we prevent relapse in clients?

We are a leading inpatient drug rehab center in LA with the lowest relapse rates in the business. Apart from creating customized treatment plans for each individual in recovery, here are a few other reasons for our high success rate:

  • Low client-to-staff ratio – We have an ample amount of staff at our Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab who work with each client and offer individual care and personalized attention.  
  • Continuing care programs – We continue to offer individual therapy, counseling and conduct support group meetings to alumni clients on a weekly, monthly, and bimonthly basis to strengthen their commitment to sobriety. 
  • Focus on underlying mental disorders – We identify and treat the underlying mental health issues alongside their behavioral problems, which helps them attain comprehensive recovery and reduces their risk for relapse.

Call 888-616-9065 to get clean and for lasting success with sobriety. Ranked among the best residential treatment centers in Los Angeles, Carus Recovery offers personalized care and individual attention to each patient in recovery. We identify and treat addiction's underlying causes, thereby helping clients achieve comprehensive recovery from their behavioral and mental health issues.

Residential Treatment Centers Los Angeles